Displaying an SMS Sender ID Instead of Your SMS Number

Alex Mann Alex Mann

If you would like to send SMS messages with a Sender ID (text) instead of your actual SMS number, this may be something we can accommodate, depending on the countries you are texting to.

This change would apply to all outbound messages sent by all reps on your account. Please bear in mind it would also not allow any textbacks, since your number would not be showing. If you'd like, you can include your direct number in the message body of the SMS.

To start a request to display a Sender ID on SMS, please email to support@kixie.com to request an update to your SMS messages to send as a Sender ID of your choice:



1. Sender ID registration is free of cost (except for few destination)
2. Sender ID can be between 6-11 characters depending on the destination.
3. Sender ID cannot contain spaces or Hyphens.
4. Sender ID’s can be registered to a maximum of only 5 destinations.
5. Sender ID cannot be registered for Promotional messages.
6. For India the sender ID can be alpha sender ID of 6 characters only
7. If you want to send messages to US/Canada using Kixie, the source number needs to be a US/ Canada Kixie number. Sender ID cannot be registered towards US/Canada due to country/carrier regulations and restrictions.


After procuring the above details, we will get in touch with you to confirm details, and then initiate the sender ID registration with our providers. This might take some time and timestamp depends on the destination country. Also, please note that the sender ID might get altered based on the country/carrier regulations and restrictions and the sender ID registration may involve pricing based on the destination country.