Connecting Kixie to HighLevel (LeadConnector)

Aldo Barbagiovanni Aldo Barbagiovanni

Integration Setup Checklist

  • At least one Kixie manager/admin needs to connect their Kixie account with their desired HighLevel (LeadConnector) Admin subaccount before any other Kixie users can connect to HighLevel (LeadConnector) successfully.
  • Kixie manager/admins must be HighLevel Admins to allow Kixie's Contact Sync to run properly.

    • You can always temporarily edit a Kixie manager into a Kixie user inside their Kixie agent profile->edit (or vice versa), connect the CRM, and then change them back, to work around this.

Connecting Kixie to HighLevel (LeadConnector)

To integrate Kixie with HighLevel CRM (LeadConnector), follow the steps outlined in this article and select "LeadConnector."

Agency Accounts

  • If you own a HighLevel agency account, do not select the agency account in the oauth window because Kixie’s integration only syncs to the Contacts stored in a HighLevel subaccount.
  • Instead, select the subaccount under your agency that you wish to connect with Kixie.

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Multiple Subaccounts

  • All Users on a given Kixie account must connect to the same HighLevel subaccount for all aspects of Kixie’s integration to work.
  • If you wish to connect Kixie to more than one HighLevel subaccount, please contact Kixie’s Customer Success team to set up a new Kixie account.


  • For further assistance with Kixie's HubSpot Integration:
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