Kixie's HighLevel Integration: FAQ and Behavior

Aldo Barbagiovanni Aldo Barbagiovanni

How does the Integration between Kixie and HighLevel work?

Kixie's integration with HighLevel CRM allows customers to automatically log their Kixie calls, SMS, dispositions, and notes to the correct HighLevel Contact record and any associated Deals.


Activity Logging

Kixie syncs Activities at the Contact level in HighLevel.

Phone Call, Disposition, and SMS Activities are automatically logged to the Conversations section in HighLevel.


Syncing to Associated Deals

Once an activity is synced to a Contact, HighLevel will also sync the same call and SMS activities over to all associated Deals.


Kixie PowerCall

Kixie PowerCall functions as an enhanced, HighLevel-driven caller ID, as well as a shortcut into HighLevel.

  1. HighLevel-driven Caller ID: View the HighLevel Contact that's calling you, and click to open their contact page in a new tab
  2. Edit the HighLevel Contact’s basic information while you're on a call, like name and email address
  3. Log a Call Outcome with notes 
  4. Schedule a future Call Activity with the HighLevel Contact



Where does Kixie log calls to HighLevel?

Phone Call Activities are automatically logged to the Conversations section in HighLevel.

Pertinent call details about the call such as the duration, call recording URL, and phone numbers will be stored in the Note Body.


Where does Kixie log SMS to HighLevel?

Text Message (SMS) Activities are automatically logged to the Conversations section in HighLevel.

Pertinent details about the call such as the message itself and the direction of the text will be stored in the Note Body.


Where does Kixie log Dispositions to HighLevel?

Call Dispositions (also known as Call Outcomes) will log as a separate "Note" from the call activity itself in HighLevel.

Pertinent details about the Outcome such as the selected disposition and any call notes will be logged in the Note Body.


Where does Kixie log Call Notes to HighLevel?

Kixie will log Call Notes as a "Note" in HighLevel that is appended to the disposition selected for a call.


How does Kixie know which Contact in HighLevel to log an activity to?

Kixie searches the HighLevel CRM Contact records by phone number to find the right Contact record to log the activity to. In case there is a duplicate record, Kixie will return the most recently created Contact record.


Does Kixie log to my Deal records in HighLevel?

Technically, Kixie logs activities as Conversations or Notes on the Contact record. The Note will be available to all Deals associated with the Contact record in HighLevel.


Does Kixie log to my Company records in HighLevel?

HighLevel does not log Notes to Companies at this time.


How do I know which Agent logged a call or SMS in HighLevel?

You can see which agent performed an activity by reviewing the activity in the Conversations section in HighLevel. 


What if the Contact isn’t in my CRM or calls from a different phone number?

If a Contact cannot be found in HighLevel because either the contact does not exist or the Contact is using a different phone number then Kixie can create a Contact in HighLevel for you. This setting can be updated for your account in the Kixie dashboard.


Can Kixie log calls to Contacts using a custom phone number field?

Kixie cannot search HighLevel using custom phone fields which means Kixie cannot log calls to Contacts with phone numbers in a custom phone field.


What Kixie processes constitute a two-way sync with HighLevel?

Kixie can create the following items in HighLevel:

  • Call activities
  • SMS activities
  • Call Dispositions
  • Notes about the Contact
  • Scheduled Activities with the Contact
  • New Contacts

What Kixie activities can be triggered from HighLevel:

  • Display Contact details in PowerCall
  • Click-to-Call
  • Click-to-SMS
  • Trigger a call via Zapier
  • Trigger an SMS via Zapier


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