Setup inbound call routing rules using properties from your integrated CRM to direct calls to the appropriate agents. Use conditions like deal value, ownership, pipeline status, last contact date, and more.

How to setup Rules Based Routing

  1. On the Kixie dashboard, navigate to Manage > Inbound > Inbound Routing
  2. Click +Add at the top-right of the page
  3. On the modal that opens, you’ll set up your Routing on three tabs:
    1. Numbers - The number or numbers to associate with your rule
    2. Rules - The Rule(s) or conditions for the Numbers to follow
    3. Destination - The routing destination for numbers to follow
  4. Click Save

Numbers tab

Start with the number or numbers you want to associate with the routing rules set up in the subsequent tabs. In the first dropdown, select a Number Type (eg. an Agent, IVR, Queue, or other). In the second dropdown that appears, select a corresponding number or group of numbers (eg. select “IVR” in the first dropdown, then select “Main IVR” in the second dropdown).

You can add additional numbers or number types by clicking the + icon. Use this to apply the same rules to multiple number types. For example, you may want to set up a rule for all Queues and one IVR to follow. Set that up on this first tab.


Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 4.40.55 PM.png


Rules tab

Next, set the conditions for the numbers selected in the first tab to follow. In the first dropdown, select from the following list of conditions:

  • Deal Value
  • Deal Status
  • No Contact Data
  • Last Connection Date
  • Last Call Date
  • Last SMS Date
  • Has Owner
  • First Time Caller

Once a selection is made in the first dropdown, use the “Operator” dropdown and subsequent Value dropdown to further refine the rule.

💡 Tip: You can set multiple rule conditions by clicking the + icon on the right side of the tab. This allows you to create “AND” conditions for rules to increase the specificity for your routing options.

Example: Choose “Last Call Date” in the first dropdown, then “Greater than or equal to” in the second, and finally add the Days, Hours, and Minutes in the third dropdown. Additionally, click the + icon to add a second rule. Choose “Deal Value” in the first dropdown, then “Less than or equal to” then enter a value in the third dropdown. This creates a rule to route calls from contacts that haven’t been called over the length of time specified AND under the deal value specified.


Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 4.41.14 PM.png


Destination tab

In the last tab, choose where to route incoming calls to the number(s) in the first tab that match the conditions in the second tab. Similar to the first tab, choose a Destination Type first, then a specific destination in the second dropdown that appears.

In the example above for “Last Call Date,” you may choose to route calls to a specific Queue that handles calls from colder leads under a certain value.


Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 4.41.49 PM.png


Finalizing rules

Once complete, click the “Save” button to create your rule. The rule will show on your Inbound Routing page with a summary of the conditions and associated Number(s).

The rule can be enabled, disabled, deleted, or updated with new/different conditions.

Additionally, use the dots on the left side of the row to drag and drop any rule above or below other rules. Rules higher on your list will occur before subsequent rules.


Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 4.42.16 PM.png