Resolving the "Lost Connection: Reconnecting to Resolve" Error Message

Beaujean Betouliere Beaujean Betouliere

If you are unable to make or receive calls and see a message about being unable to connect, it may mean your PowerCall endpoint is becoming unregistered due to one of two reasons:

Logged into an inactive account

1) You are logged into an inactive Kixie user account 

  • Log out of Kixie, and log back in. If you cannot log back in and your username/password is correct, your account may indeed be deactivated. Please reach out to your manager to be added back to Kixie. 

User account status

Your user account is active, but doesn't have both a PowerCall and Mobile App device. Something may have gone wrong when your user account was created.

  • To verify: log into -> My Profile -> Devices and Routing -> Inbound Call Flow
  • If you see only a PowerCall device and no Mobile App device, or if you see no devices at all beneath "Select All/None" as shown, this is why you're getting the "Lost Connection" error message, so please reach out to to rebuild your user account.



Firewall or Network settings

You either have a firewall enabled on your computer or network that is preventing your Kixie dialer from being operational, or something else on your computer / network is preventing if from being operational. To confirm:

  • Pull PowerCall Console Logs + Error Messages

    • Right click inside of Kixie PowerCall

    • Press "Inspect"

    • Select the "Console" tab

    • Enter a phone number into Kixie PowerCall and Start Call

    • Take a screenshot of the entire console

  • Review Error Messages

  • For all other error messages (or if no message displays), please contact or your account manager.


Again, here are the Ideal Conditions for Kixie PowerCall. If that doesn't resolve the "lost connection" issue, see our guide for optimizing your network.