Kixie PowerCall Update - March 30 2023 - v2.27

Ryan Frizelle Ryan Frizelle

We’ve just implemented several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for Kixie PowerCall. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new. 


Quiet Mode

Users can now enable “Quiet Mode” in PowerCall settings. When Quiet Mode is turned ON, the user will experience the following:

  • Dialpad key presses are silent
  • Inbound ringtone is muted
    • Call notification still appears and can be accepted/rejected as normal
  • The chime noise when initiating a call from the dialpad will not play
  • A crossed-out bell icon appears next to the agent name at the top of PowerCall

Transfer to Queue

Added stats to Queue in Directory

Now, when finding a Queue in the directory, you can hover over the people icon to see additional information about that queue like the number of agents subscribed, the number of agents available, and the average hold time. This will help agents transferring to a queue, allowing them to be better equipped to relay to one of their customers how long they might be waiting on hold for, if they choose to disclose that info.


Bug Fixes


Require Outcome - Need Outcome Message Not Showing

Fixed an issue where the “Need Outcome” message would not activate at the end of a call despite the Require Outcome setting being on for an agent. This would occur only when an agent did not collapse their Call Notification from a previous call. Now, the “Need Outcome” message activates as expected.



Team SMS - SMS Threads Still Visible After Removing Phone Number

Fixed an issue where removing a phone number from a Team SMS Inbox would not remove the thread from PowerCall for associated agents. Attempting to access the thread would result in an error. Now, when a number is removed from a Team SMS Inbox, all threads for that inbox will be removed in PowerCall.



Inbound Ringtone With No Call Notification

For some users, PowerCall would erroneously play a ringtone for an inbound call but no corresponding call would exist to accept. This occurred during outbound PowerDialer sessions. This has been fixed.


AutoCall - Updated Call Route Rules

Made some changes to the call route display for when an AutoCall is received in PowerCall. 

There are 2 conditions for call routes, eventname and displayname. Event name is a call, PowerList, queue, etc. Display name is what a user defines as the name of the event in Hubspot/Zapier/etc

  • IF displayname (is not) “null” then:
    • display [name of the displayname]
  • IF displayname = “null”, use the eventname:
    • Cadences - “AutoCall: [name of the cadence]”
    • Queue - “AutoCall: [name of the queue]”
    • Call - “AutoCall”
    • PowerList -  “[name of the PowerList]”


Opening Settings Page Expands PowerDialer

Sometimes, clicking the dropdown menu and then opening the Settings page would expand the PowerDialer window. This is fixed.



Kixie Connect Not Working

For some users, Kixie Connect was not working properly resulting in customers missing calls forwarded to their external devices. This issue was fixed and is no longer occurring.


VM Drop menus behaving unexpectedly

When using the VM Drop menus in PowerCall and scrolling up and down quickly, sometimes the menu would “bounce” around the screen. This has been fixed and the VM Drop menu now stays where it’s supposed to.



PowerDialing causing PowerCall to crash

Some users were experiencing a crashing issue while PowerDialing. This has been resolved.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of these new features, or to share your thoughts on how we can improve Kixie even more.