Kixie PowerCall Update - January 18th, 2023 - v2.25.0

Beaujean Betouliere Beaujean Betouliere

We’ve just implemented several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for Kixie PowerCall. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new. For notes on our latest Kixie Dashboard update, click here.



Similar to click-to-call, users will now see an icon to send a text message to a phone number in PowerCall.

Transfer to Queue

Added stats to Queue in Directory

Now, when finding a Queue in the directory, you can hover over the people icon to see additional information about that queue like the number of agents subscribed, the number of agents available, and the average hold time. This will help agents transferring to a queue, allowing them to be better equipped to relay to one of their customers how long they might be waiting on hold for, if they choose to disclose that info.

Agent Status

Added Status Change dropdown to PowerCall

Now, users can click their status at the top of the PowerCall window to open a dropdown where they can change from Available to Do Not Disturb in addition to the DND button at the bottom-left of the Dialpad. This is helpful for when an agent is on a different tab and to increase visibility/utility of the agent’s status toggles.

Bug Fixes


PowerList dispositions logging in Salesforce

When setting a disposition for a PowerList call while connected to Salesforce, the call will log properly with the call direction and disposition title in the call log (eg. Outgoing Call: Appointment Set)


Outcome tab now populates instantly on PowerList answer

Previously, when a PowerList was answered, there would be a minor delay in switching to the Outcome tab so the agent could see info about the call and perform other actions. This has been fixed.



Improved Call Transfer and Call Coaching functionality

We have added a “debounce” function to the Call Transfer and Call Coach buttons in PowerCall which prevents multiple clicks from triggering an action. This will prevent these features from failing or throwing an error when users click them multiple times in a row.

No need to refresh PowerCall in order to see a new Queue

When a new Queue was added in the Kixie dashboard, an agent would need to manually refresh PowerCall before that Queue would be visible in the Directory, preventing them from being able to transfer to that queue. This has been fixed - newly added Queues will now show in PowerCall without needing a refresh.


Team SMS (formerly Business SMS)

Changed the name of "Business SMS" to "Team SMS"

It’s now called Team SMS.


Thread lock icon now appears immediately

When replying to a Team SMS thread, the thread becomes locked for a period of time. When backing out to the thread view, it was taking a few seconds before the lock icon would update and show next to that thread. This has been fixed.


When agent's access is removed, SMS notification count updates automatically

When an agent receives a new message in a Team SMS inbox they’re subscribed to, their Team SMS tab in PowerCall would show an unread count badge. If the agent is removed from the Team SMS inbox before clearing that unread notification, it would persist with no way to clear the notification (since they can no longer read that thread). This has been fixed - once the agent is removed from a Team SMS inbox with unread messages, the badge is automatically removed from PowerCall.


Internal messages now appear on PowerCall immediately

When sending an internal message in a Team SMS thread, that message would sometimes be delayed and not appear for the sending agent or the other agents in the Team SMS inbox viewing that thread. This has been fixed - internal messages are showing up as expected.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of these new features, or to share your thoughts on how we can improve Kixie even more.