Note: that, as this process may temporarily interrupt your internet connection and phone service, we recommend doing this in an off-peak period or outside of business hours.


For EdgeRouter setup with EdgeMax user interface please see Disable SIP ALG - EdgeRouter

Ubiquiti (USG/UBNT/UNIFI User Interface)

  1. Go to Routing & Firewall
  2. Go to the Firewall tab
  3. Click Settings
  4. Set SIP to Off
  5. Set H.323 to Off


Disabling SIP ALG for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter (EdgeMax CLI/Command Line Interface)

  1. You can perform this change from the command line by logging in, then entering the following commands:
# from ssh <username>@192.168.x.x or Unifi/UNMS terminal

$ configure

$ set system conntrack modules sip disable

$ commit

$ save

$ exit

(Here's what the CLI commands look like)