How to Sync PipelineDeals With Kixie How to Sync PipelineDeals With Kixie

How to Sync PipelineDeals With Kixie

Andy Contreras Andy Contreras

This article will walk you through adding your CRM into Kixie.

How to Sync PipeLineDeals with Kixie

Step One, Log into your Kixie Dialer and go to add CRM 

(Select Pipeline Deals from drop down menu)






SUBTOPIC 2A: You will need to find and activate your API Key. 

Step one, log into PipelineDeals and go to Account Settings


Step Two, go to your PipelineDeals API tab


Step 3, Make sure API Access is enabled and Insert the API Key into Kixie Dialer API token field


After Successfully adding PipelineDeals as a CRM, you will need to Add All Required Activity Categories 


We can help you add your CRMs.

For questions about this, please email and/or reach-out to your Account Manager for more information. 

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