Questions about the Kixie Free Trial or Demo?

Kixie Team Kixie Team

Kixie offers a 100% risk-free trial with no credit card required. You can can setup and begin dialing in minutes with no hardware needed. Also, contact your salesperson to add as many agents as you want on the trial and can make calls all over the world. Please note:  you must use the Kixie dialer for Google Chrome during your trial. 

If you would like a demo of Kixie before signing up for the free trial, please click here to schedule one.  


Kixie Success Checklist

1) Install the Kixie PowerCall Dialer for Google Chrome and download the Kixie mobile app

2) Add more users for FREE from the Kixie dashboard

3) Watch our quick introduction video 

  • Make sure you connect your CRM by going into settings (upper right of the Kixie PowerCall Dialer)-> Add CRM
  • If you want to connect with your existing phone service, click here for instructions.


How many people can I have calling with 1 Subscription?

  • A single subscription lets 1 person make/receive calls and connects to 1 CRM at a time.


Can I buy/port a phone number for every country worldwide?

  • Kixie can acquire phone numbers from most countries worldwide. For the full list from our carrier, see Coverage Details Here.


Can I call country X?

  • Kixie can dial almost any country worldwide. For the full list from our carrier, see Coverage Details Here.


How many minutes are included per month?

  • Integrated tier*: Each Integrated user includes 300 minutes per month.
  • Professional tier*: Each Professional user includes 300 minutes per month.

*Disclaimer: All included minutes are pooled together account-wide. Unlimited minutes subscription users do not contribute to the minutes pool. Minutes included with a user subscription seen above can only be used for calls with a per-minute cost less than or equal to $0.02/min.*


Is Local Presence Included on the Professional Tier? Are Local Presence Numbers Included on the Professional Tier?

  • Access to our AI Powered Local Presence dialing functionality is only available on the Professional tier**. 

**Note: The Professional tier does not include Local Presence phone numbers. You can either purchase individual Local Presence solo numbers or the Local Presence Advanced Numbers package for $20/user/mo


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