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Review Billing Basics

How does Kixie's billing work?
Reminder - Kixie offers a free 7 day trial and does not require any setu...
Alex Mann Alex Mann
What is Kixie's Refund and Cancellation Policy?
Refund Policy: Kixie requires no setup or initiation fees and is precede...
Aaron Steward Aaron Steward
What is the Minutes Reserve Charge?
The Reserve Balance: When you first submit your credit card for billing,...
Aaron Steward Aaron Steward
How does Kixie's Unlimited Minutes Dialing Plan Work?
If you have users on the unlimited minutes plan, only calls that cost mo...
Kixie Team Kixie Team
Advanced Pricing - Per Minute Call Rates, SMS, and Numbers
This article includes the pricing for numbers, SMS, and call rate minute...
Jasper Jasper
Can I Put My Account on Hold?
If you will not be making calls beyond your next few bill dates, you hav...
Alex Mann Alex Mann
Porting Out of Kixie
Your new carrier may ask you to provide various documents like invoices...
Jasper Jasper
How do I cancel my service?
For security reasons, cancellation requests are handled by email or call...
Alex Mann Alex Mann
How do I reactivate my Kixie account?
If you were a paid customer of Kixie before, but then cancelled and now ...
Kixie Team Kixie Team