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Getting Started

These guides show you how to set up your Kixie account and use built-in Kixie features

New User Setup Guide
Step by step instructions to guide you through setting up Kixie on your ...
Jasper Jasper
Using Kixie on Microsoft Edge browser
  Kixie's flagship product is the PowerCall Chrome extension, and while ...
Erica Bonnette Erica Bonnette
How to Set Up an IVR (Phone Tree)
What is an IVR? An interactive voice recording (IVR), also known as a ph...
Jasper Jasper
How to Set Up a Ring Group
What is a Ring Group? Ring groups allow incoming calls to be routed to m...
Andrea Douglas Andrea Douglas
How to Filter Out Automated Email Notifications from Kixie in Gmail (including Kixie Voicemail emails)
If you would like to filter out Kixie voicemail/SMS notifications (or th...
Andrea Douglas Andrea Douglas
How to Change the Country Code in your Dialer
By default, the country code in the Kixie dialer is set to +1 for the US...
Andrea Douglas Andrea Douglas
Kixie Mobile App for iOS and Android
Download Links for the Kixie Mobile App iOS:  https://itunes.apple.com/u...
Jason Miani Jason Miani