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PowerCall Dialer

FAQ and troubleshooting the PowerCall Dialer (Chrome extension)

How to Update Kixie PowerCall Dialer?
Summary: Kixie PowerCall can be force updated by clicking Update Check i...
Jason Miani Jason Miani
How to Safely Clear Your Google Chrome Cache
This article will go over how to clear your Google Chrome cache to poten...
Alex Mann Alex Mann
Uninstall/Reinstall Kixie PowerCall Dialer from Google Chrome
Step 1: Right click on Kixie PowerCall Dialer Chrome Extension Step 2: S...
Jason Miani Jason Miani
Resolving the "Lost Connection: Reconnecting to Resolve" Error Message
If you are unable to make/receive calls and experience this message (sh...
Jason Miani Jason Miani
Advanced Troubleshooting of Kixie UI Issues
Disclaimer: ** Please make sure your Google Chrome is up to date by goin...
Alex Mann Alex Mann
Kixie PowerCall Dialer appearing in Full Screen
Having trouble minimizing your Kixie PowerCall Dialer? Switch your Compu...
Andy Contreras Andy Contreras
Emergency - Cannot Make Calls?
Experiencing a non-Kixie emergency, please reachout to your local author...
Jason Miani Jason Miani
Why does another Kixie account (e.g. my co-worker's) get logged off when I log in to mine?
This is because you are both logged into Google Chrome as the same user....
Alex Mann Alex Mann
Understanding Dialer Error Messaging
The following is for Kixie PowerCall version 1.6.60 and after.    The Ba...
George George