How to register for a Standard 10DLC Campaign

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Standard 10DLC Campaign Registration
In order to register for a Standard 10DLC Campaign, you must first navigate to the following URL:
From here, follow along with these simple steps.


  1. We recommend that you not touch these two fields and leave them as the default, this information is inconsequential to your 10DLC registration.
  2. Input your legally registered Company Name.

  3. Input your EIN (Employer Identification Number). This is a 9 digit number. 

  4. This step is actually not necessary anymore.

  5. Select your Business' Entity Type. In most cases this is going to be Private, but make sure you're making the appropriate selection relative to how your business is legally registered.

  6. Select your Business' Vertical, this is the industry that you operate in. If you can't find a close match then simply select "Professional".

  7. Select your EIN Issuing Country. In most cases this will be The United States of America.

  8. Fill out your Company Address associated with the EIN and Company Name you provided.
    NOTE: Please only include up to 1 comma in your address, 2 or more will cause your submission to fail.

  9. Fill out an Authorized Contact's details pertaining to your business.

  10. Once you've verified that all of the information in your registration is valid and correct, go ahead and click the "SAVE" button to submit your registration.

In general, our system should update almost instantaneously with your new Standard campaign if the information you submitted was approved. If you notice that you're still seeing a Starter campaign in your Kixie dashboard that may indicate that something was wrong with the information you provided to us. Please email if this happens to you, and we will assist.

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