What to Do if the Kixie PowerCall Dialer Is Not Working

Shea McConnell Shea McConnell
While this is not a Kixie specific issue, your Chrome browser may have issues where it won’t load its extensions. Luckily, there are a couple of simple steps you can take If the Kixie PowerCall dialer (the Kixie Chrome extension) is not appearing on your screen.

1. The Grey Puzzle Piece

First, please go to your Chrome browser -> on the top right (right beside the search bar) -> press the grey puzzle piece icon -> you will see Kixie PowerCall (under extensions) -> press that and it should pop up on your screen.

*An alternate way to look for your extensions is by going to your Chrome settings (press the 3 vertical dot icon on the top right of Chrome-> Settings) ->Extensions


2. Reset and Relaunch

Please copy and paste: chrome://flags/ (paste that into the URL bar in Chrome), click on the “Reset all” button, and then relaunch Chrome.