Welcome to Kixie! Follow the guides on this page to ensure that your new account and agents are setup to use Kixie to its full advantage. We'll guide you on how to make sure your agents have installed the Powercall extension, connected Kixie with your company's CRM, have a number assigned, and are setup in Teams with proper settings associated.


Ensure all Agents have installed the Kixie Powercall extension and have connected to your CRM

All agents have been sent a setup email titled Important - Your Kixie Account Setup Information containing the steps to install Kixie PowerCall and Connect to your CRM. In this step, you'll confirm that all agents have done so.

  1. Go to the Kixie Dashboard
  2. Click Manage
  3. Click Agents
  4. Click the PC Version (Powercall Version) column header to sort
  5. Click the CRM column header to sort

Note: Remind agents to check their email for a message from Kixie with the subject "Important - Your Kixie Account Setup Information" and follow the steps to install Kixie PowerCall and Connect CRM


Ensure all Agents have a Direct Number

Direct Numbers are required for SMS and you get one free regular number per agent on the account ($5/month per additional number). In this step, you'll confirm that all agents have one.

  • Navigate to Kixie.com -> Manage -> Numbers 
  • Go to the Kixie Dashboard
  • Click Manage
  • Click Numbers
  • Click Kixie Numbers 
    • Look for and identify Agents without Direct Numbers
  • Add a direct number for the agent(s):
    • Navigate to Kixie.com -> Manage -> Agents
    • Click into the Agent, go to the "Numbers" tab, and add a number in your desired area code
    • Refresh the page
    • Click into the "Edit" tab
    • Set the new number as the agent's "Outbound Caller ID Number" and "Outbound SMS Number"


Setup Teams of Agents

In Kixie Reporting, the Live Call Board and the Kixie PowerCall Agent Directory, you can view by Team. This tends to be especially helpful for Reporting purposes.


Setup IVRs, Ring Groups or Call Queues and Assign Them Numbers

  • Navigate to Kixie.com -> Manage
    • Setup and configure any IVRs, Ring Groups or Call Queues you may need 
    • Determine appropriate business hours for your IVRs, Ring Groups or Call Queues. 
    • Setup inbound greetings like "This call will be recorded for quality assurance" on IVRs, Ring Groups or Call Queues.
  • Navigate to Kixie.com -> Manage -> Numbers. Assign phone numbers to your IVRs, Ring Groups or Call Queues 
    • Ensure that all main numbers have a Default User assigned to them who is ideally an admin in your CRM,
      • this supports CRM data population in Kixie PowerCall, missed call logging in the CRM, as well as Contact Creation (when Contact Creation is ON).
    • If desired, name the associated numbers for better tracking inside Kixie.com -> Reporting -> Inbound Number Summary


Configure Account Settings

  1. Go to the Kixie Dashboard
  2. Click Manage
  3. Click Account Settings
  4. Click the Options tab
    • Enable/Disable Create Contacts, where Kixie will create a contact in your CRM on phone calls where the customer number is not currently associated to a lead/contact in your CRM.
    • Set the appropriate duration (in seconds) for Connections.
      • An outbound call becomes "answered" when voicemails and main menus are reached, which is why minimum duration connections are so valuable to track inside Kixie.com -> Reporting.
    • Determine Outbound Call Recording Settings
      • Outbound calls to two-party consent states can be automatically not recorded by selecting "two-party"
    • Determine Agent Permissions
      • Regular agents can add agent PowerLists, view reporting, and add numbers by default
  5. If you'll be using Auto-Call or Auto-SMS, have our support team or your Onboarding Specialist enable your API token


CRM Integration Checklist and Optimization Steps

Click on the link for the CRM you are using with Kixie, and follow the setup checklist and optimization steps.


10DLC SMS Registration

If you will be sending SMS to US numbers, from US numbers, 10DLC is an industry-standard requirement. Registration enables SMS and whitelists your numbers for optimal deliverability. 

  1. Go to the Kixie Dashboard
  2. Click Manage
  3. Click 10dlc


Billing Basics

Confirm your billing configuration and understand best practices for adding/replacing agents.

  • Always look to Replace Existing Agents first if you can, before adding brand new agents, especially if you have signed an annual contract or you are on an annual billing cycle, since there are no pro-rated refunds for deleted users
  • Kixie.com -> Billing -> Minutes/SMS Reserve:
    • Set the "Automatically Recharge for" Amount
    • Set the "When Your Balance Falls below" Amount
      • Every time your balance falls below the latter amount, we will recharge the former amount to replenish your Minutes/SMS Reserve.
        • Suggestions:
          • The higher you set the "When Your Balance Falls below", the more breathing room you have in the event your card ever fails when we attempt to recharge it for minutes/sms, before you hit $0 and get auto-deactivated.
          • The higher you set the "Automatically Recharge for" amount, the less frequently you will be charged, which will be cleaner for billing reconciliation purposes
  • Kixie.com -> Billing -> Invoices: Confirm your preferred billing email address where we will send an email copy of every invoice. Viewable/downloadable invoice history is available here in the Invoices section.
  • Review Kixie Billing Basics article for more information on refund policy, credit card failure policy, and more.


Ideal Computer/Network/Internet Conditions for Kixie PowerCall

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