Summary: Managers can easily configure Call Dispositions (Call Outcomes) within the Dashboard --> Manage Dispositions. 

*Note: If you are using Hubspot as your CRM, please refer to this helpdesk article instead*

As a Manager/Admin user, go to Manage -> Dispositions:


Manage Dispositions Dashboard

  1. Add New Dispositions
    • Click the blue + ADD button in the top right and enter the disposition name and order (1 is the top spot, as it will appear in the dropdown in the PowerCall dialer)
  2. Current Dispositions
    • Edit (blue pencil button under Actions column on the right side)
      • Rename a disposition
      • Change the ordering
    • Delete
  3. After making any updates to your Kixie dispositions, your reps would need to hit the reload button on their Kixie PowerCall to pull in the updated list of dispositions