Voicemail Drop


With Voicemail Drop on the Professional Plan, you can leave pre-recorded voicemails with one click. You will not have to listen to the voicemail greeting and wait for the "beep" anymore. This will save you time and energy, and ensure that you leave the perfect voicemail to your prospects - every time.

  • Pro Tip: increase your callback rate by getting a Morgan Freeman voice actor on fiver.com to record a marquee first-call voicemail drop that all your agents can upload and use.

Voicemail Drop works through A.I. Powered Smart Beep Detection by dropping the voicemail before the beep - meaning that our platform actively listens to the beep played after a person's voicemail message. AI Smart Beep Detection is not perfect and there is no guarantee that the voicemail will drop (since not all voicemail boxes have a "beep"), however, if you follow the appropriate steps Voicemail Drop will function as expected all or most of the time and is the fastest method to get through calls.

On average, our stats show that Voicemail Drop saves 1 minute per call, which equals roughly 1 hour per day saved! (Average sales person makes 60 calls per day)

Question: Why would I want to use Voicemail Drop?

  • You want to ensure that each voicemail you leave is top quality and zero effort
  • You're tired of leaving the same voicemail messages over and over to prospects
  • You want to spend your time and energy engaged in actual conversations, not leaving voicemails


Setting up Voicemail Drop is quick and easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Kixie Dashboard → My Profile → VM Drop
  2. "Add New"
  3. Name the VM Drop
  4. Select "Record Now" from the dropdown
    • or upload an existing .mp3 (5mb max) 
      • if you need to convert your audio file to .mp3, use this
  5. Open your Kixie PowerCall → reload/refresh. Your new voicemail drops(s) will now be available for use.


  1. Open Kixie PowerCall, and make an outbound call
  2. Click "VM Drop" or click on the VM Drop Icon
  3. Select your Voicemail Drop from the dropdown
    • Please note: if you do not see your Voicemail Drop in the dropdown, please refresh your Kixie PowerCall
  4. Wait for the customer's voicemail greeting to begin playing, and click "Submit"
  5. Kixie will automatically hang up the call and drop your voicemail--saving you time and allowing you to move on to your next lead!




Question: Why aren't my voicemail messages getting left?

  1. You are dropping the voicemail when Kixie is still dialing or you are dropping the voicemail too quickly after the voicemail answers, or:
  2. Some voicemail boxes have strict timing requirements, or don't have a detectable beep. In these relatively rare cases, the voicemail would not be dropped in. Nevertheless, the customer will always see a missed call from you.

Question: Why is there a long silence before my voicemail message starts playing?

  • You are dropping the voicemail either too close to, or after, the "beep".
    • Remember to drop the voicemail right after the voicemail greeting begins to play.


There are three different types of Voicemail Drop:

  1. "Beep" (default) – This is the default type of VM Drop, and is the type referenced in all of the instructions above
  2. "Silence" – Kixie will wait until it detects silence on the other end of the line before it drops the voicemail. This is ideal for situations where you are calling numbers that don't have a standard "beep" at the end of their voicemail greeting.
    • in this case, you still wait for the customer's voicemail greeting to begin playing, and click "Submit"
  3. "Manual" – a.k.a. Personalized Voicemail Drop, drops the voicemail without listening for a "beep".
    1. In this case, you click "Submitafter the beep. 
    2. This option is necessary if you're calling international or Canadian numbers that lack "beeps" in their voicemail boxes 
    3. You can also also personalize this type of voicemail drop by saying "Hey John", and then click "Submit".
    4. This method is slower since you have to listen through the voicemail message, but ideal for use cases that benefit from a more personal touch.


You can reorder your voicemail drop list by appending numbers or letters to the beginning of a Voicemail Drop title. 


  • 001 Demo
  • 002 Scheduled Second Call
  • 003 Connected

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