What is the Kixie PowerDialer?

The Kixie PowerDialer enables agents to automatically dial a PowerList of uploaded phone numbers. The auto-dialing can be configured at one number at a time (single-line), or several numbers at a time (multi-line).

Who can use the Kixie PowerDialer?

The PowerDialer product is available as an add-on to agents on the Professional plan.

  • There are 3 PowerDialer product add-ons available on the Professional plan
    • PowerDialer 1: additional $30/month
      • ability to dial up to 1 number at a time w/ PowerDialer
    • PowerDialer 4: additional $50/month
      • ability to dial up to 4 numbers at a time w/ PowerDialer
    • PowerDialer 10: additional $70/month
      • ability to dial up to 10 numbers at a time w/ PowerDialer
  • To give an agent any of these products, navigate to the agent's profile under Edit → Manage.

Who Can Setup PowerLists?

  • Managers can create PowerLists for entire Teams of agents
    • A manager-created PowerList will show up as a PowerList option for all associated agents, referred to as "Members" of the PowerList
  • Agents can also create and configure their own personal PowerLists
    • The option can be turned off by a manager in app.kixie.com → Manage → Account
      • "Allow Agent PowerLists" in app.kixie.com → Manage → Account
    • When allowed, agents will be able to navigate to "PowerLists" within their agent profile

How Do I Setup a PowerList?

For managers, follow all of the steps below. For agents creating their own PowerList, ignore step 1 for creating and assigning a team.

  1. Create a Team of agents that you want to be Members of your PowerDialer campaign
    • Make sure those agents have the PowerList product add-on enabled on the Professional plan
  2. Create a spreadsheet of phone numbers with proper column headers 
    • See here for an example spreadsheet with proper column headers
    • Phone numbers* are the only required field 
      • Phone numbers may be input in any format (dashes / spaces will be automatically standardized upon upload, etc.) 
      • Invalid phone numbers will be automatically purged from the list upon upload
    • The various additional column headers will instantly provide the PowerDialing agents with the contextual information they need on who has answered the call 
    • Add hyperlink to text included in PowerList upload

      When adding a link as part of a PowerList upload spreadsheet, those links will be clickable in PowerDialer while on a call with that contact. This is useful for adding links to a company’s website or an individual’s LinkedIn page, etc.

  3. Create a PowerList
    • Kixie.com Manage → PowerLists → "+ New PowerList"
      • For agent PowerLists, navigate to Kixie.com → My Profile → My PowerLists. 
    • Under Upload Data Upload your spreadsheet of numbers
    • Under Members assign your Team(s)
    • Under Settings Dial at a Time → determine how many phone numbers will be dialed at a time when agents PowerDial this PowerList
      • If an agent only has PowerDialer 1 add-on, but you've set the PowerList "Dial at a Time" to 4, that agent will still be limited to 1 dial at a time when PowerDialing this PowerList.
    • Under Settings → "Max Attempts per Day" and "Minimum Duration Between Calls" → determine how many times per day a given phone number can be dialed per day from the PowerList, and what the minimum duration between these call attempts must be
    • Under "PowerList Hours → Target Hours" → set the local-time target hours for calling the numbers in the PowerList 
      • The PowerList will automatically refrain from auto-dialing phone numbers in the PowerList outside Target Hours based on the phone number's local timezone!
    • Under Settings Must Disposition Calls → determines whether or not agents will be required to log an outcome/disposition before proceeding to the next number(s) in the PowerList
    • Under Dispositions → determine the Dispositions agents can use to "Remove a Number from PowerList"
      • "Forward to Cadence" will also remove the number from the PowerList
    • Under Settings → Seconds Before Timeout → if there is no answer after this amount of time, the PowerList will automatically move on to the next reserved number(s) to dial 
    • Under "PowerList Hours → PowerList Hours" → set the timeframe that you will allow agents to dial down this PowerList 
    • Under Settings → Auto-start on Login → determine if you would like your agents to be forced into autodialing this PowerList whenever they are logged in
      • This is only recommended for advanced managers
      • Agents will not be able to end the PowerDialing session
    • Under Settings → If Owned, Dial by Owner → PowerList will only allow the number to be dialed by the associated CRM Contact Owner, if such an Owner exists for the Contact
    • Under Settings → Assign to Agent on Answer → Contacts that are unowned in the CRM will be assigned to the agent PowerDialing and connecting to that contact's number when the call is answered (call must be answered)
    • Under Settings → Override Owner on Answer → Contacts that are owned in the CRM will have their current owner overridden by the agent PowerDialing and connecting to that contact's number when the call is answered (call must be answered)

The PowerList will now appear within the agents' PowerDialing window, and they may select the list(s) they would like to dial by checking the box(es) next to the list(s), and click "Start Dialing" to begin PowerDialing.

In what order are contacts called when you start dialing from a PowerList?

  • Contacts will be queued and ready to be called based on the order in which they entered the PowerList.
    • This means that when you’re initially uploading a spreadsheet, they’ll simply be called in the order they’re arranged in.
  •  If you have multiple PowerLists selected to dial from, the contacts will be queued in an alternate fashion so that one contact is called from PowerList A, then one contact is called from PowerList B, etc.
  • When new contacts are uploaded to an existing PowerList, they will fall in line behind the contacts that are currently queued at that time.


See here for information on the PowerDialing window.

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