Speed-to-Lead Use Case for Kixie Cadences

Alex Mann Alex Mann


Use Case: Speed-to-Lead

Cadences are an excellent way of facilitating speed-to-lead for new contacts entering your CRM via form submissions or other methods of capture.

To ensure speed-to-lead after the lead is captured, a Kixie Cadence can immediately route an outbound call through the first available rep in the Cadence's Queue Team, and then ensure that this rep is prompted to call the lead multiple times within a short window if the first call doesn't result in a conversation. Then if there is still no pickup, the Cadence can send a pre-templated auto-text from that rep to the contact's phone number, encouraging a text/callback when they're available. 

  • Cadences work best as a supplement to your standard outreach process as opposed to being your outreach process, and bulk-enrollment in a Cadence is not recommended. 

We will use HubSpot as the example CRM, since HubSpot contacts can be easily sent to and removed from Cadences via HubSpot workflows.

Speed-to-Lead Cadence

The Speed-to-Lead Cadence would be triggered by an initial lead capture and it will target an available rep to make a series of calls to the new contact, and then update the HubSpot contact ownership to the rep who takes the first call. 



Setting up the Cadence

To setup a Cadence, you'd first create a Team that includes everyone you'd potentially want involved in the Cadence, then create a Queue and associate the Team with it.

  • The Queue's name will be displayed in the prompt to the rep to take the outbound call.
  • Turn auto-answer callbacks OFF in the Queue unless you want the outbound calls to go out without prompting the rep first.
  • Turn Auto-Subscribe on Login ON in the Queue

On the Cadence itself under Settings, you'd toggle Contact Owner ON, and set it to Auto-Assign from Queue (as shown below).


For the Cadence Actions, a best practice is to execute a few calls (the first one right away, a second one 10 minutes later, a third an hour later, and then finally a text message). The first call will always be prioritized over the subsequent ones. Lastly, you can send a text at the end of the Cadence.

  • Leave the Retry button OFF. 



Removing Contacts from the Cadence

To stop this multi-step cadence from continuing once the rep has already conversation with the contact, you can:

  • use Kixie's "Remove Contact from Cadence" in a HubSpot workflow and train your reps to update the HubSpot contact accordingly, or
  • train them to log a particular Kixie disposition like "Connected' to trigger the Cadence to stop (shown below).