Kixie Connection Boost is a dynamic feature to help your sales reps connect with more leads and close more deals. Sales teams on average connect with 500% more leads utilizing this feature. Simply put, your leads will answer the phone more often and your sales reps will be able to call more frequently. It is composed of 3 core functions. 

Kixie Connection Boost provides your team advanced AI and machine learning to increase your answer rate by dynamically selecting a phone number from an available pool of over 50,000 numbers that will most likely be answered by the customer. 

  • Local Presence Dialing
    • Shows real local numbers on caller ID that work when called back.
      • Result: improved outbound connection rates, improved outbound answer rates, callbacks leading to even more connections.
  • Progressive Caller ID
    • Automatically rotate caller ID numbers between a pool of numbers on each call. 
      • Result: virtually-eliminated call-screening, so your sales team can dial more frequently without fear of being screened.
  • AI-Powered Spam Protection
    • Utilizing internal algorithms, Kixie detects and removes numbers with relatively low connection rates.
      • Result: minimizing the chance that your number displays as spam on any given outbound call. 

Note: Do not let occasional spam reports change your outlook on Connection Boost. Remember that the goal of Connection Boost is increased connection rates, freedom from call-screening and the minimization of spam. Never trust any phone provider who claims they can guarantee the elimination of spam from your outbound dials!

Kixie Connection Boost is an available add-on to the Professional Tier. Please contact your sales rep or email us at for detailed pricing.