The audio devices listed in Kixie PowerCall Dialer settings --> Audio settings --> more are left blank (see below for example). You will likely be unable to make/receive phone calls through Kixie PowerCall.



The most common cause is that your headset is not fully configured or set as your computer's default devices.

Steps to Resolve:

Having no audio devices in Kixie PowerCall typically stems from one of the following:

  1. Logged into the Wrong Kixie Account
    1. Mouseover your profile icon
    2. Check to see you are currently logged into the correct email address
    3. logout/login if not connected to the correct account.
  2. You currently have no active microphone. Steps to configure:
    1. Win: Headset Setup for Windows
    2. Mac: Headset Setup for Mac
  3. Allow Microphone Access in Google Chrome
  4. If you are still unable to make/receive calls after completing these steps, please contact