Configuring Your HubSpot Call Outcomes and Call types with Kixie

Andy Contreras Andy Contreras


Configuring Call Outcomes and Call Types 

After every call you will have the option to log a call outcome and/or call type to HubSpot from the Kixie dialer. 

  • Call Outcomes
    • Out of the box, Kixie will only sync w/ the default call outcomes listed below, which will appear inside of>manage->dispositions. If you would like Kixie to sync with a customized list of HubSpot call outcomes from your account, please reach out to your account manager or to facilitate this.
      • Every time you want to add new outcomes to HubSpot, you must reach out to Kixie support or your account manager to sync them up w/ Kixie.
  1. No answer
  2. Busy
  3. Wrong number
  4. Left live message
  5. Left voicemail
  6. Connected
  • Call Types
    • Out of the box, Kixie will automatically sync with your HubSpot account's list of Call types.

How to log a Call Outcome and Call type: 

  • By default, the "Outcome" window shown below will pop out after the call ends 
    • You can enable/disable this functionality in Kixie PowerCall settings->Require Outcome
  • Unless/until your Kixie PowerCall dialer is refreshed, the Call Outcome field will always pre-populate the last Call Outcome you selected. 
  • The Call Type field will always pre-populate to "None".
  • If "Note" is selected as the Call Outcome, then only a note will be logged, regardless of whether a Call Type is selected.




For questions about this, please email and/or reachout to your Account Manager for more information.