As the title suggests, lout or abrupt audio plays through your headset ranging from popping, screeching, or other loud noise.



This most common reason  is caused by headset hardware  connectivity issues.


Steps to Resolve

  1. Headset Troubleshooting
    1. Win: Headset Setup for Windows
    2. Mac: Headset Setup for Mac
  2. Lower the microphone and output volumes of your headset. Low quality microphones will pick up feedback when the input/output volumes are too high which may cause loud noises to occur.
  3. Make sure your headset is fully charged, and directly connected to your computer. If possible avoid USB Hub usage as they commonly experience issues that may cause echo.
  4. Please contact Kixie Customer Support as there may be a carrier issue causing the loud noise. Please include a link to the Kixie call recording.