AutoDialer & Automated SMS (Zapier Integration) AutoDialer & Automated SMS (Zapier Integration)

AutoDialer & Automated SMS (Zapier Integration)

Jason Miani Jason Miani

 The Kixie Zapier integration offers a flexible solution to automatically place a phone call or sms from a triggered  workflow.


Requesting Access

1. To request access to the Kixie Zapier integration, please contact your Kixie Account Manager or email .

2. After contacting Kixie support, they will provide your businessID and Kixie API authorization token for use with the Kixie Zapier integration.


Zapier Workflow Setup Instructions

Make a free account at

1. Add the Kixie Action to your existing Zapier workflow.

2. In “Choose Account” select “+ Add a New Account” if they do not already have their Kixie Account connected.

When prompted to do so, have the user enter their Kixie BID and API Key

Important: Make sure to choose the version Kixie 1.1.0



5. Pick an Action (Call or SMS)

AutoCall Setup:

  • Kixie User Email Address
  • Target phone number
  • Action Type (No need to change at this time - defaulted to call)
    • Ring group dialing is not currently available through this method but will be shortly

AutSMS Setup:

  • Kixie User Email Address
  • Target Phone Number
  • SMS Message
  • Country Code of Target Phone Number (Currently defaulted to US)



Step 6: Test & Continue



For more information about our LeadCaller, please contact your Account Manager or request information from We are happy to walk you through this!