How to Activate "Find me Follow me" Feature How to Activate "Find me Follow me" Feature

How to Activate "Find me Follow me" Feature

Andy Contreras Andy Contreras

Through Kixie you can forward calls to an external device like a cell phone to never miss incoming calls

Add a New Forward Device to Kixie 

(if the correct number is already added please ignore this step)

Step One: Log into your Kixie Dashboard and go to My Profile 

Step Two: Under the Devices & Routing tab add a new device 


Step Three: Once the device is added, you will see it appear in the Forward to drop down menu

Step Four: Make sure that Call Forwarding is turned on (You can adjust the seconds to ring for your power call dialer and forwarding device as well) 

Screen_Shot_2019-11-27_at_12.56.51_PM.png All Kixie calls that get forwarded to your device will still be recorded and logged into your CRM if synced. If calls are not answered on the forwarded device the call will be routed to your Kixie voicemail. 

Announce to Call: 

When Announce to Call is turned ON any call routed to you will first relay an audio message (Dial 1 to accept this Kixie call) indicating that the incoming call is routed from Kixie. 



We can help you build these automations and filters in Pipedrive and other CRMs.

For questions about this, please email and/or reachout to your Account Manager for more information.