How to Add an Agent in Kixie How to Add an Agent in Kixie

How to Add an Agent in Kixie

Andy Contreras Andy Contreras

This article will show Managers on Kixie Accounts how to add a new Agent 

Add a New Agent through your Kixie Dashboard 

NOTE: Replacing rather than deleting a user is the most seamless way to go about dealing with turnover. Always replace a user, rather than delete the old user & add the new user, since adding a new user always generates a pro-rated charge. Please see this article on how to replace an agent instead of deleting & adding one: Replacing Vs. Deleting Users


Here are steps on how to add a new Agent to your account: 

  1. Log into your Dashboard  
  2. Check if there is an old user that you can replace with the new one. If so, see here instead of moving to Step Three.
  3. Go to Manage > Agents > Add Newdb2.png
  4. Enter the new agents information (Please make sure that the Country for Cell or Direct # is correct)


What Billing Tier should I Put my new Agent on 

If you are unclear on what tier your agent needs to be on, please check out our billing page 

If the Agent is on an Enterprise Tier Plan and requires Local Presence please email to activate Local Presence 

Give your New Agent a Kixie Phone Number

  1. After you add an Agent, make sure to go to Numbers (while still under the new agent) and give them a Kixie number by pressing "Add." Then go to Edit (under the new agent) and assign that as their caller ID & SMS number. If you don't see the new number in the drop down yet, just refresh the page!
    • If you would like an area code that is not currently available, just reach out to the support team, and we will see if we can find one for you!

What can I expect to see on Billing

When an agent is added you will receive an initial charge the same day an agent is added: 

Monthly Billing Cycle: One time pro-rated charge that depends on when the agent is added during your billing cycle.

Quarterly/Annual Billing Cycle: You'll receive an initial monthly pro-rated charge on the same day the agent is added. You will then receive a second charge to equal the total pro-rated amount that depends on your billing cycle.


We can help you build these automations and filters in Pipedrive and other CRMs.

For questions about this, please email and/or reach out to your Account Manager for more information.