The Basics

Kixie now integrates with, the platform that generates even deeper call analytics for all calls made by you and your agents. Please see the website for more information on the features and pricing. 

Please note:

  • In order for calls to log for a given Kixie user, their Gong user account's email address must match their Kixie user account's email address
  • Only calls longer than 1 minute in length will be pushed from Kixie into Gong 

How to Integrate Your Gong Account w/ Kixie:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Locate the following two keys:
    • Access Key
    • Access Key Secret
  3. Email with the two keys listed above.
  4. A Kixie representative will reach out to you confirming that the integration is good to go.
  5. That's it--you've successfully integrated Kixie and 

 Any questions regarding the above process can be sent to