Understanding Dialer Error Messaging

George George

The following is for Kixie PowerCall version 1.6.60 and after. 


The Basics

In the newest version of Kixie PowerCall, we have expanded in-dialer messaging to include banners which appear when a called number returns an error. The error message will look somewhat like the following:


Below are the messages that you could get on the dialer, as well as what it means and what action you should take when you see it:




UNAVAILABLE Number dialed is unavailable* Try calling again a few minutes later
INVALID Number dialed is invalid Ensure that number is in e164 Format (See Here or Here for help)
OUT OF SERVICE  Number dialed is out of service**  If not a network issue, then no action is needed
COUNTRY BLOCKED Kixie has blocked your account from calling this region Contact support@kixie.com
PREFIX BLOCKED Kixie has blocked your account from calling this prefix Contact support@kixie.com
BUSY Number dialed is busy (on call, or rejected, or no answer, depending on destination country) Try calling again a few minutes later

*Kixie will try routing your call with multiple carriers. It is possible that one of our carriers will initially return a "Number Unavailable" message, but later display "Out of Service". 

*Depending on the country that you are calling to, "Number Unavailable" may replace the "Out of Service" message. 

**You may also get an "Out of Service" message if you do not have network connectivity when trying to connect a call.