Upon request, we can update your user account so that your voicemail drops can be customized for individual clients and leads! This is called Personalized Voicemail Drop.

This feature is not available by default, and must be asked for through your account manager (or by emailing support@kixie.com).


How it works:

Personalized Voicemail Drop is left after the beep/silence.

First, the user will create their pre-recorded VM drop with all information, besides the customized name/date/company/etc.

Then the user will wait for the voicemail beep/silence, state the customized information: "Hey John/I'm calling today, Tuesday the 18th/I'm reaching out to Lexus of Arlington to discuss/etc" and then drop the voicemail.

Bear in mind that this method is slower, since it requires listening through the entire voicemail message, but ideal for use cases that benefit from a more personal touch.



Setting up Voicemail Drop is quick and easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Kixie.com
  2. Go to "My Profile"
  3. Go to the "VM Drop" tab on the right
  4. Upload an existing mp3 (no more than 5MB) or record a new voicemail drop file by clicking "record now"
  5. Refresh your dialer (refresh button in upper right of Kixie PowerCall)
  6. The new VM drop options will appear in the Voicemail Drop menu during calls