Selecting a Previous Call to Dispose

George George

The following is for Kixie PowerCall version 1.6.60 and after. 


The Basics

In the newest version of Kixie PowerCall, we have included a feature that will allow users to select which calls they would like to:

1) set a disposition for,

2) set an activity for, or

3) select the related contact to edit. 


QUESTION: How do I select which call to set a disposition for?

The Log Outcome feature should automatically open at the end of a call. But you can manually click on the "Log Outcome" button on the dialer to see the last few calls that were made. Simply select from this list the call that you would like to add a note to or set a disposition for. 



QUESTION: What does this mean for me? Why does it matter?

If you forget or are otherwise interrupted while trying to set a disposition or schedule a future activity in the Kixie PowerCall dialer, the call will be saved in the Call to Dispose portion of the Log Outcome or Schedule Activity feature. 

QUESTION: How many calls will show in the drop down?

You are able to access the last 5 calls that were made on your personal account.