The following is for Kixie PowerCall version 1.6.60 and after. 


The Basics

In the newest version of Kixie PowerCall, we have expanded on the colors that appear in the directory section of the dialer. Colors correspond with specific statuses, and statuses are updated in real-time


QUESTION: Who appears in the directory?

Any agent with a Kixie account, who has signed into Kixie PowerCall version 1.6.60 and after. If an agent does not appear in the directory, it is likely that this user has not yet updated their Kixie PowerCall dialer



QUESTION: What does each color mean?




QUESTION: What can I use the directory for?

  1. Call coaching agents that are online and on a call
  2. Monitoring the status of each agent at any given moment (idle, on a call, busy, etc.)
  3. You can easily filter through different user status at anytime using the filter menu in the directory. You may also search for an agent by name.
  4. Knowing when an agent is available to receive a transferred call