The Basics

If you do not have a CRM and you use something like Google Sheets to log your contact or customer data, then you are likely to have noticed that the Click-to-Call icon does not automatically populate before the number as it does on any other site on Google Chrome. No worries! You are still able to see the Click-to-Call icon by publishing your Google Sheet as a webpage. Check out this quick video on steps to accomplish this:




Question: How can I have call data automatically populate in your Google Sheet?

  • Consider using a webhook. SEE HERE for more information. 

Question: Should I be concerned when publishing my spreadsheet to a webpage?

  • Just like any Google Drive document or link, you are able to set conditions for the link (i.e. private, public, only those in company, etc.).

Question: I don't want to publish a webpage anyway, what other options are available to me?

  • No problem--you can still highlight or right-click (depending on your device) on the number in the cell, select Kixie, and select Start Call. SEE HERE for more information.