Pipedrive Setup for Personalization Tags in SMS Templates and "Contact Owner" Functionality

Alex Mann Alex Mann

The below steps will enable personalization tags in SMS templates like [fname] and [lname], and also enable Kixie to reference the current Pipedrive contact owner for inbound calls queues -> route to owner functionality, using the CRM owner to route cadenced outbound calls, or PowerDialing from the owner only (if owned) in a PowerList.

Please note that this will sync ALL your Pipedrive contacts to ALL users' Kixie mobile apps as well.

    1. To sync all existing Pipedrive contacts and deals synced into Kixie, have a Pipedrive admin navigate to Pipedrive Settings -> Personal Preferences -> API.
      • Please send your API token to your Kixie account manager or support@kixie.com, and please hyperlink this article into your email for context. 
    2. To sync all contacts and deals going forward into Kixie, have a Pipedrive admin navigate to Pipedrive Settings-> Tools and Integrations -> Webhooks

    3. Enable these 2 separate Webhooks:

      • Webhook #1.

        • Event Action = *

          • Event Object

            • Person

      • Webhook #2.

        • Event Action = *

          • Event Object

            • Deal

      • Endpoint URL: https://apig.kixie.com/prod/pipedrive/webhookreceiver?bid=xxxx

        • The "bid" can be found in kixie.com -> manage -> account -> integrations, under "Business ID". Please enter your BID number in place of the "xxxx"
      • HTTP Auth username/Password: DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING

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The End Result Should Look Like this: