Kixie users can use Progressive CallerID combined with Local Presence Dialing to increase answer rates by 500%. Progressive CallerID will automatically rotate through phone numbers on outbound calls. This enables your sales reps to be more aggressive with making more calls without fear of a customer screening calls or getting irritated from receiving multiple calls in a row. The result is a feature that helps salespeople make more calls and sell more easily without any new rigid processes or workflow changes. 

Example scenario:

  1. Your sales rep calls the lead in the early morning and appears as phone number #1. The lead does not answer.
  2. Your sales rep calls the lead right before lunch (on the same day) and appears as phone number #2. The lead does not answer
  3. Your sales rep REALLY wants to close this deal and calls the lead at the end of the day and appears as phone #3. The lead answers and your sales rep closes the deal. Cha-ching!

Your sales reps can now dial fearlessly and really try to get leads on the phone with Kixie Progressive CallerID. 

The best part.... if the lead every calls ANY one of those phone numbers, it will route right back to your sales rep.