How to Setup the HubSpot CRM and Kixie PowerCall Integration

Alex Mann Alex Mann

Kixie Managers and Admins:

Whichever of you is a Superadmin on HubSpot must first connect your HubSpot to Kixie, before any of your regular Kixie agents are able to connect theirs.  This HubSpot Superadmin must be a part of at least one of the same HubSpot Teams as the users who are trying to connect to Kixie. 

  • If you need to revoke the HubSpot Superadmin status of this Kixie manager/admin after connecting their HubSpot to Kixie, you may do so.
  • If you have multiple managers on Kixie, they would all need to be superadmins in order to connect to HubSpot technically. However, you can get around this by changing them to a user on Kixie, then having them connect Kixie to HubSpot, and then reverting them back to a manager on Kixie.
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Connecting your Hubspot to Kixie is as follows:

Step One

Login to your Kixie PowerCall dialer chrome extension

Click on settings (3 slashes on top right corner)


Step Two

Click on more > next to CRM



Step Three

Click "Add CRM"


Step Four

Choose HubSpot and click Add to connect HubSpot and Kixie


Step Five

Click "Grant Access"


Step 6

Start making more calls and closing more deals!


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