We’ve just implemented several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to provide a more streamlined workflow in the Kixie Dashboard. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new.

New Features

Product Billing Confirmation

When making changes to an Agent’s products, you will now see the following confirmation dialog after clicking Save. This allows managers to review the changes being made along with the price that will be added as a result of the products being changed.

Additionally, managers can click “Save and apply to more agents” to save the product change(s) for the current user and then directly access a dialog that allows them to select multiple other agents to make the same changes for.


Multiple Actions for a Single Disposition in Cadence/PowerList

Now, when setting Disposition actions in a Cadence or PowerList, you can use the same Disposition more than once with a separate action each time. Previously, only one Disposition could be set with a single action. This allows a single Disposition to be logged as the outcome of a call but with multiple actions (e.g. send an SMS template and forward to a new PowerList, etc).


Conversation Intelligence Reporting - Business and Agent Snapshot

Conversation Intelligence metrics are now present on both the Business and Agent Snapshot pages.


Business Snapshot

On the Business Snapshot page, you will see Total Calls Transcribed for the selected time period (today, this week, month, quarter) at the top of the new section. You will also see average call score, avg % of phrases used, avg % of keyword matches, % of positive sentiment calls, % of neutral sentiment calls, and % of negative sentiment calls


Agent Snapshot

On the Agent Snapshot page, there are new tabs to switch between Positive and Negative calls. There is a new column for Call Score. Use the Actions column to the right to visit the call transcription stats for a given call.


Page Tours - Kixie Numbers, PowerLists, Manage Agents, Edit Profile

Added four new page tours: Kixie Numbers, PowerLists, Manage Agents, Edit Profile

Access Page Tours by clicking the (?) at the top of the dashboard page, then click “Page Tour”


Outgoing SMS messages auto-marked “Read”

To reduce the amount of unread messages in user’s inboxes, all outgoing messages are now automatically marked as read. This should go unnoticed by users except when attempting to filter by unread messages - it should speed up the process.


Updated Dashboard phrasing and copy

Now, in multiple places throughout the dashboard, you will see minor updates to some of the phrasing and nomenclature (eg. 10dlc -> 10DLC, Powerlist -> PowerList, etc.)


Auto Generated Password for New Users

In the Add User flow, the Password input field has been removed. Managers creating new users will no longer be able to create a password for these accounts. Instead, a secure password is auto generated and emailed to the new user’s email address. When that user signs in for the first time, the system detects that their password has not been changed from the auto generated one and requires them to create a new, secure password. This enhances security across the board for all users.


Enhanced Password Requirements

When users sign up or change their password, they are now required to meet an updated list of criteria to ensure its strength.


Call History Export Column Updates

Updated the Call History exported spreadsheet to include additional columns:

  • Agent Email
  • CallerID Name
  • Call Recording
  • CRM Contact ID
  • Transcription URL
  • Voicemail Recording
  • From Number
  • To Number

Conversation Intelligence Hold/Transfer calls now transcribed

Calls that have a hold/transfer event will now have a transcription.


Helpdesk Sidebar - Opens links in new tab

Clicking a hyperlink in an article within the Helpdesk Sidebar now opens in a separate tab, preventing users from losing their place while browsing the dashboard.


Helpdesk Sidebar - Clicking image opens larger view

Clicking an image in an article within the Helpdesk Sidebar now opens a larger preview image allowing for users to better see visual examples in articles.


PowerList “Next Action” - Carry over call data to subsequent PowerList

When a Phone Number moves from one PowerList to the next as part of the “Next Action” rule in PowerList settings, we want to ensure that all data associated with that phone number also carries over (First name, Last name, Next Call Refresher, etc).


Rules Based Routing dashboard enhancements

On the Rules Based Routing page

  • Added a column to show the number of times a Rule was ran in the last 7 days
  • Added the ability to search/filter by Phone Number Name and Phone Number
  • Added the ability to play a recorded message when Routing Rule is “Has Owner” > “Route to Owner”

On the Kixie Numbers page

  • Added a column for Inbound Routing Rules associated with a given number in a row

Send a new outbound message through a Team SMS Inbox from PowerCall

Added an enhancement to Team SMS that allows agents to send outbound messages from a Team SMS inbox number without needing to have been messaged first by the client. This allows teams to message phone numbers to initiate a conversation instead of only being able to use Team SMS as a reply tool.


Truncated Display Name in PowerCall

Instead of the full display name, now a shortened display name is shown in the incoming call notification of PowerCall, this prevents the Accept/Reject buttons from being pushed further to the right and out of view.


New “Show Last Dialed” toggle in PowerCall settings

ON: Persist the last number dialed in the dialpad UI - this is current behavior in PowerCall

OFF: Clear the number from the dialpad when the call has ended


Bug Fixes

Scheduled Report date/time improvements

Fixed an issue that would cause Scheduled Reports to send incorrectly if an error occurred regarding the date/time of any given scheduled export.

Clicking ‘X’ in right-hand User Profile slide out not working

The ‘X’ button to close the User Profile side panel was not working properly. It’s fixed now.

Dispositions not logging to Pipeline

Fixed an issue where logging a disposition on a call would not log to Pipeline as a connected CRM.


Ring Group email notifications not sent when multiple emails present

Fixed an issue where emails would not send for missed Ring Group calls if multiple emails were listed in the Ring Group settings.


Minimum Duration when Contacts change PowerLists

Fixed an issue where a contact would be deferred to a later date than expected when moving from one PowerList to another as part of a “Next Action” event.


PowerList spreadsheets misreading dates as formulas

Fixed an issue where a date format in a PowerList spreadsheet upload would be misinterpreted as a formula, rendering the date unusable as part of the PowerList.


Outbound SMS via Mobile App appearing as not sent

Fixed an issue where sending an outbound SMS in the Kixie mobile app was appearing as not sent since it would not update the screen to show the outbound message. This was leading users to continuously reattempt to send a successfully sent message, resulting in multiple duplicate messages being sent.


Hold/Transfer shows call target as active even after hangup

When an agent performs a hold/transfer with a client (call target), the client would still appear as active even if they hung up their line of the call. This has been fixed, and now the dialer will no longer show them as an active participant during a hold/transfer if they hang up.


Fresh Sales integration not working correctly

Fixed a number of issues with the Fresh Sales CRM integration not working:

C2C icons not appearing, Contact info not being pulled into the dialer, Calls/SMS/Dispos/Activities not logging.


Inbound Routing Rules not routing under certain conditions

Fixed an issue where Inbound Routing Rules would not route properly when the Deal Status was set and when Has Owner was set.


PowerCall opening unexpectedly

Fixed an issue where the PowerCall extension would intermittently open unexpectedly without being opened by the user.


Call History would not show the call outcome under certain conditions

Fixed an issue where sometimes when an agent left a call outcome for a call, it would still show as not disposed in the Call History.


Inflated Queue metrics for average hold time and average wait time

Fixed an issue in Queues Reporting where the average hold time and average wait time for calls in a queue could become inflated.

PowerList stuck in dialing status even after a call was answered

Fixed an issue where the PowerList would stay on the Session tab and not move over to the Details tab upon answering a call.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of these new features, or to share your thoughts on how we can improve Kixie even more.