Kixie's Prioritized PowerLists feature allows users to categorize their call lists into different priority levels. With this feature, your reps will automatically dial all eligible phone numbers within the highest-priority PowerList(s) assigned to them before dialing contacts in lower-priority Lists.

Pro Tip: We recommend using Kixie's Next Action option within the PowerList setup to automatically forward your Contacts from higher-priority PowerLists to lower-priority PowerLists after completing a certain number of dial attempts.



Setting Priority Levels

  • Access PowerList Setup: Navigate to the PowerList setup section in your Kixie dashboard.
  • Assign Priorities: In the PowerList setup, you will find a new dropdown field labeled "Priority". Here, you can select from five priority levels: Highest, High, Medium, Low, and Lowest.
  • Default Setting: New PowerLists will automatically be set to 'Medium' priority. This also applies to all existing PowerLists at the time of feature implementation.

set pri.png

Sorting by Priority in PowerDialer

  • Access PC Sessions Tab: In the PowerDialer, go to the PC Sessions tab.
  • Sort PowerLists: You can sort the PowerLists by priority, allowing you to view your assigned PowerLists by order of importance.

sort pri.png


Use Cases

  1. "Speed-to-Lead" vs "Continuous Follow-up":

    • Scenario: You have a PowerList reserved only for new leads that you want to contact immediately.
      • Application: Set these new lead PowerLists to the 'Highest' priority. This ensures that agents will call these numbers first, maximizing the chances of converting these hot leads.
    • Scenario: Alongside new leads, you have older, colder leads that still need follow-up.
      • Application: Assign these PowerLists a 'Low' or 'Lowest' priority. Once agents have exhausted higher priority lists, they can then focus on these secondary leads, ensuring a comprehensive outreach strategy.

By utilizing the PowerList Prioritization feature, Kixie users can streamline their calling processes, ensuring that their teams always work on the most impactful tasks first. This feature is a game-changer for managing call workflows and improving overall sales efficiency.


How to Get Support

Please email or chat us live via the Kixie Dashboard for ongoing support.