We’ve just implemented several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to provide a more streamlined workflow in the Kixie Dashboard. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new.

New Products

CRM Properties

Going to Manage > Account Settings > Edit, there is a new tab for “CRM Properties.”

To get started, click “Get CRM Properties” to retrieve available properties from your connected CRM. Once the table populates, you have the option to check the boxes for which properties to make available in areas like SMS Templates. Check the far-right column to indicate that the field is a phone number value.

Once the properties are retrieved, they become available for use in SMS Templates with the following update to that modal:

Type to search for a property value that fits your need, or scroll through the list to find one to use. Click the property to insert it into your SMS Template. An example of that might look like this:


Live Call Board Update

The Live Call Board has been updated to more accurately reflect the status of agents on calls. Additionally, we have added an expand row component allowing users to click the “+” icon at the left of any row to expand and view more details for a given agent. Use the “+” icon in the header row to expand or collapse all rows.

The expanded row for agents displays a list of PowerLists and Queues the agent is associated with. The checkbox reveals whether the agent is subscribed to the PowerList/Queue or not. The “Session Status” shows whether the agent is active or inactive in a PowerList session.


Help Center Sidebar

Clicking the “?” at the top-right of the dashboard now displays a Help Center sidebar. This is a dynamic component that displays relevant help center articles depending on what page the user is currently viewing. That means whenever the user clicks the “?” they will see relevant articles for that page and if they change pages while the sidebar is expanded, the articles shown will update to reflect whatever page they navigate to.

In addition, users can type in the provided field to display articles relevant to their search.

Lastly, users can click the “Send us a chat” button to bring up the existing Intercom workflow that allows agents to contact our support team in real time during business hours.

PowerList Priority & Next Action 

The PowerList Settings tab has received an overhaul to streamline the information flow and to support the addition of two new fields:

  • Priority
    • Click to select an option from Lowest, Low, Medium, High, Highest. Medium is the default.
  • Next PowerList
    • Click to select from a list of other PowerLists on an account.
    • If “None” (default) is selected, the contact will be removed from the PowerList, which is the default existing behavior.
    • If another PowerList is selected, contacts will be removed from the current PowerList and inserted into the one selected in the dropdown.


HubSpot Sync Activities to ALL Associated Companies and Deals

When syncing activities to a HubSpot contact, we now associate the activity to all associated companies and deals to add as much information across all locations of the contact as possible.


PowerCall Call/SMS History - Timestamp format update

Instead of showing only a date for calls/sms in PowerCall History, we now show the date and time that a call or sms was received. For calls and texts that were received on the day you’re viewing the History page, we show “Today” to better differentiate the recency of these received communications.


Show full call recording for hold/transfer calls

We now display the entire call recording for calls that were held/transferred instead of only the portion of the call before the hold/transfer.


Call Transfer attempt timeout

The Call Transfer button in the PowerCall Directory has been updated. Now, when transferring a call, the transfer icons will be disabled for all agents in the Directory. After 20 seconds, the transfer attempt will timeout and a new transfer can be attempted. This prevents a situation where agents would initiate a new transfer while a previous attempt was still ringing that would result in multiple agents entering the call unexpectedly.

New Icon:


Network Strength Icon in PowerCall

We now show an icon at the top right of PowerCall to display the user’s network connection status. This helps users better understand if a call issue is due to their network connection and not a fault of the Kixie service/extension.



Update Business Snapshot Talk Time format

Previously, the format showed “Talk Time (minutes)” Now, we’re displaying the Talk Time in HH:MM:SS to be more human readable.


Fallback Process for Contacts Not Found in Contacts Table

Added a fallback process to search for a Contact in a company’s CRM by their phone number if the contact was not found in Kixie. The following will occur:

  • If Contact isn’t found in Kixie during any Kixie event, search for Contact in CRM by phone number before creating a New Contact or not logging the call.
  • If a Contact is found in the CRM, update Kixie and log the call/sms to that Contact in CRM.


HubSpot - Include Agent Email in SMS message body

Now, when logging an SMS to a contact/deal in HubSpot, the sending agent’s email is included at the bottom of the logged activity.


Subscription page enhancements

Made a number of changes to the subscription page:

  • Added a “view breakdown” eye icon to the Billing Cycle Total. When clicked, a modal displays the breakdown of the company’s bill with products, counts, and total dollar amount per row.
  • Added a Number Discount section that displays the number of agents and the total dollar amount discount for those agents ($5 per agent).
  • Replaced the Minutes/SMS Reserve navigation tab with a button that displays the modal over the Subscription page.



Voicemails log as notes in CRM

When a contact calls a Kixie number and leaves a voicemail message, it is logged as a note in HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive.


Conversation Intelligence webhook event added

Added a “CI Summary” item to the Event Name dropdown when adding/editing webhooks.


Increased Password strength requirements

In the add new agent and change password workflows, the requirements for setting a password have been updated to be more secure. Users will now see the following message when adding a password that will update from an x to a check when the requirement is met.


Conversation Intelligence - Score added to Note logged in CRM along with call transcription

In HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho, the call score is added at the top of the note logged to the connected CRM along with the full transcription of the call.


Export All Pages & Schedule Export options for PowerList Contacts

Similar to the Call History page, there is now an option to export either the single page a user is viewing OR the entire range of data on all pages via email. When clicking the CSV button on a PowerList Contact page, a modal will display where users can make their selections.

Additionally, on the Scheduled Reports page, there is a new option in the Page to Export dropdown for “PowerList Contacts.” Once that selection has been made, a new dropdown is added asking the user to select from one of their existing PowerLists.

Bug Fixes

Update Scheduled Report run time

Scheduled Reports now run at the proper time (midnight) to ensure proper inclusion of relevant data.


Duplicate messages when deleting Number

Fixed an issue where the user would see both a “success” and “failure” message when using the checkbox to select and delete a number from the Manage > Numbers page.


Agent Report page not loading data

Fixed an issue where the Agent Report page would not show any data for some accounts.


Send call to queue/cadence calls dropped

Fixed an issue where a call would be dropped as part of a Queue when “Assign owner on answer” was turned ON for queue calls that would redirect to another queue or a cadence.


Disable page auto refresh while viewing Call Transcription information

The page no longer automatically refreshes on this screen. We are working on a future update where other pages won’t auto refresh either.


Sending MMS with no text sends blank message

When sending an MMS with no accompanying text, a blank message would be added to the sent messages along with the attached file(s). Now, only the attached file(s) send with no blank message.


Call Audio button not displaying

When “Show Call Recordings” is OFF for a particular agent on an account, the audio button would not display on the entire account level in the manager view. This is now fixed and works as expected (only hidden for the agent).


Call Status incorrectly showing call ended

For some users, the call status would incorrectly show that the call ended and the “Complete” button would show in the call notification while the agent was still talking to the call target. This has been fixed and no longer occurs.


Incorrect timestamp showing for last attempt in PowerList contacts

The timestamp on the PowerList contact page would sometimes not match the actual last contact attempt as made in PowerDialer for that contact. This has been fixed.


Blocked numbers warning even with Override DNC option enabled

Some users were seeing a warning in PowerCall that a number was blocked even though the agent has Override DNC toggled ON. This is fixed and the agent will no longer see the warning.


Schedule Activity failing for CRMs

Fixed an issue where scheduling an activity in PowerCall would fail to sync with the following CRMs:

  • Pipedrive
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • HighLevel
  • Active Campaign
  • Insightly


Voicemail drop causing Cadence action to get stuck in processing

Some users experienced a call cadence action being stuck in processing when the call would end in a voicemail drop being left by the agent. This has been fixed and the Cadence action works as expected when VM Drop is used.


Outreach CRM - Calls not logging with delayed outcome

Users on Outreach would sometimes see calls not logging to their CRM if they logged an outcome over 2 hours after the call ended. This would happen if users would re-select a previous call in the PowerCall UI and log/submit an outcome after the call ended. This has been resolved and calls log regardless of length of time from the call ending.


PowerList Overview refresh

Resolved an issue where PowerList Overview (stats with Queued, Deferred, Dialed, etc) would not update without starting/stopping a session. These stats now correctly run on a schedule and refresh every 45 seconds.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of these new features, or to share your thoughts on how we can improve Kixie even more.