How to Set Up a Live Leaderboard

Setting up a leaderboard on Kixie is quick and easy. Kixie allows you to create customized leaderboards for you and your team. Follow the steps in this article to set up a Live Leaderboard! 

Step 1: Log into the Kixie Dashboard

In the side menu, navigate to "Live" then click on "Leaderboards"


Step 2: Select "+ NEW DISPLAY"

If you want to show statistics for a specific group of agents, make sure you create a team (if you don't already have one) including those agents.

Step 3: Adjust the Settings

✅ Select the pencil icon to edit the name of the Leaderboard.
✅ Choose which team (or select All Agents) and which call metrics you would like to be displayed.
✅ Select what period of time the Leaderboard should reflect. If you add multiple slides, select how long each slide should stay on the screen before rotating to the next one.

➡️ Next, select "SAVE" to save your settings. 

Step 4: Add Additional Slides

If desired, add another slide by selecting "+ AGENTS SLIDE" or "+ QUEUES SLIDE"


Step 5: Select "-> PREVIEW"

Here you can view the leaderboard you created. Metrics are updated as often as every 15 seconds, or whenever a new slide is displayed. 

Screencast, Airplay or share the link to your new Live Leaderboard to the rest of the office.