Sending an SMS text message to a US or Canada phone number costs just under $0.007 – so it would cost $7.00 to send 1000 texts. However, longer texts can cost more, because cell phone carriers break longer texts into multiple shorter texts. All incoming texts are free.


If a text message contains only standard characters – letters, numbers, and punctuation only, excluding ellipsis ( ... ) – the character limit is 160 characters. A text with 161-320 characters would count as two SMS messages, costing $0.014; a text with 321-480 characters would count as three SMS messages and cost $0.021, and so on.


If a text message includes special characters – emojis and symbols (🙂 , 📈 , ❌ , etc.), non-English characters (æ, é, 전화 판매, 电话销售, etc.), or ellipsis ( ... ) – the character limit is reduced to 60 characters. If it has any of these special characters, a text with 61-120 characters would count as two texts, 121-180 counts as three, and so on.


This applies to automated SMS text messages, SMS templates, and texts sent manually through the dialer. To learn more about how to optimize your SMS messages for the best response rate and delivery rate, please see our article on SMS Best Practices.