Looking at your agents list view in the Kixie Dashboard under Manage > Agents, you might be asking yourself what the columns on the right labeled "CB Lite" and "CB On" are doing there. Well, we have answers for you. 


The "CB Lite" column indicates whether a user has the ConnectionBoost feature on their account. If the value in this column is 0, that user does not have the feature. If the value is 1, they do have ConnectionBoost. 

ConnectionBoost is a feature you can turn on or off in the dialer, so the "CB On" column indicates whether or not that particular user has ConnectionBoost switched on at the present moment. If "on" is shown, then that user has ConnectionBoost switched on, while "off" means it is off.


For example, in the screenshot below, user Ben Kim does not have the ConnectionBoost feature on his account. User Bobby Axelrod does have the ConnectionBoost feature, but it is turned off at the moment. And user Taylor Mason has the ConnectionBoost feature on his account, and has it turned on.






For help, feedback, or questions about ConnectionBoost and the Agents page in the dashboard, please contact your account manager or email support@kixie.com.