How Kixie Integrates with Pipedrive How Kixie Integrates with Pipedrive

How Kixie Integrates with Pipedrive

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Integration Setup Requirements 

High-Level Summary of the Integration

  • The Kixie Pipedrive integration syncs your call/sms/disposition activities to a Pipedrive Contact first. From there, Kixie will sync the call activity to the contact's associated Organization and/or associated Deal

Kixie Always Syncs to a Pipedrive Person First:

Depending on how the call was initiated, there are two ways that Kixie will find a person to sync to…


#1 Direct Sync:

For click-to-calls made to a correctly-formatted person phone number (in Pipedrive's default phone field, not a custom field) from inside a deal or person detail view, as well as click-to-calls made from a deal or person list-view, Kixie will sync the call directly to that person without having to search the CRM, since the "Person ID" is present on the page you're click-to-calling from.

#2 Manual Sync (e.g. incoming calls, manual outbound calls, or SMS messages):

Kixie will search through Pipedrive default phone fields and sync the activity to the oldest (by date created) person which has the correctly-formatted phone number in its default phone field.


Enabling List-View Direct Sync:

In order to take advantage of Direct Sync in a deal or person list-view, you must add the "Person ID" column to that list - like so:

   1.  Pull up your list
    2.  Click on the list view settings gear in upper right 
    3.  Select the person field labeled "ID"


alt text



How Call Activities Appear in Pipedrive:

When Kixie syncs a call activity inside a person, it will always look like this:



Syncing at the Organization and Deal Level:

Once an activity has been synced to a particular Person, Kixie will then look to sync that same activity up to the organization and deal level, if in fact that person is associated with any, in the following manner:

If there is an organization is associated to the person, then Kixie will sync the activity to that organization. There can only be one organization linked to a person in Pipedrive. 


Kixie will sync that same activity to the most relevant deal that is associated w/ that person. If there are multiple deals associated with that person, here is how Kixie will decide which one particular deal it will sync to:

  1. sync to the deal owned by the Pipedrive user who made the call/SMS
    • if multiple, then sync to the most recently-created one
  2. sync to the deal whose status is open
    • if multiple, then sync to the most recently-created one
  3. sync to the deal whose status is won
    • if multiple, then sync to the most recently-created one
  4. sync to the deal whose status is lost
    • if multiple, then sync to the most recently-created one


Automatic Person Creation

If you are calling/being called by a phone number that is not associated with a person in Pipedrive yet, Kixie will automatically create one inside of Pipedrive, and sync all subsequent call activity to that contact. *This feature may be disabled for your whole account if you so choose, inside “Manage Account->Create Contacts” in the dashboard.

The Kixie PowerCall®

The Kixie PowerCall is a phenomenal sales tool. It functions as an enhanced, Pipedrive-driven caller ID, as well as a shortcut into Pipedrive. Without awkwardly searching or clicking around in your CRM, it enables you to: 

  1. Click on the prospect's name to open their Pipedrive person page in a new tab.
  2. View the person’s basic Pipedrive information as well as the most recent deal (with direct links to access them)
  3. Edit the Pipedrive person’s basic information
  4. Log an outcome (disposition) with notes that will sync into the Pipedrive person
  5. Schedule a future activity with the Pipedrive person

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