Note: Kixie cannot provide support for programming or troubleshooting deskphones, due to the role that your internal network plays in successful programming and maintenance. While we do provide you with a programming guide, you would be responsible for programming and troubleshooting your deskphones.

  • For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you use the Kixie PowerCall computer softphone with a USB headset, which requires no programming or maintenance, and is fully supported by Kixie.

However if you still require deskphones, Kixie recommends Yealink deskphones, since they tend to be the easiest brand to program and maintain.

In particular, Kixie recommends the Yealink T42S. Here are the Amazon links for:

Once you've acquired the deskphone(s), then you can provision the phone(s) to work with Kixie by following these steps.