If you will not be making calls beyond your next few bill dates, you have 2 options.

  • As a reminder, you are paid through your next bill date and there are no pro-rated refunds for your last monthly payment.

Option 1) Downgrade Your Agents' Plans

You may downgrade your Kixie agents to the lowest plan, the Integrated plan, until you decide to start fully-utilizing the service again.

Please note that these downgrades do not result in a pro-rated credit to the end of billing period, you would immediately take on the downgraded tier's feature capacity, and your next bill would reflect the lower monthly payment.

Email support@kixie.com and we can help you do this most efficiently.

Option 2) Cancel Your Account

Canceling your account completely will lose any Kixie numbers you have, delete all agents and account data, and delete your call history and call statistics inside kixie.com. When you cancel your account, you are not entitled to a pro-rated refund to the end of your billing period.

  • Please note that we may change our policies by the time you return (i.e. require an account minimum or prepay requirement for accounts of certain size/churn history)

To cancel your account, email in to support@kixie.com